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What to do as a scientist In new Zealand

Here you sit in your office, look at the beautiful Wallpaper on your monitor and dream of warm countries, dazzling white sandy beaches, and what would you pay for it.

It would seem that it is easier? Become a scientist studying leopard seals, and live in New Zealand, go Canoeing, take photos.

But there is one caveat that you will not be told when hiring — you will have to look for seal shit and washing it under water, so study. I.e. a science interested in what to eat leopard seals, what birds they eat some algae, which fish.

Well, I think it’s fair. But we do envy all the dead, if these scientists did not have kakishuly to wash. You know, we’ve been thinking of doing our own thing just to do nothing.

But in this lesson they manage to find for themselves buns. Lucky you. The other day, washing another portion of “you know what”, they found a USB-flash drive. What information is preserved and the flash drive is in working condition.

And wow, scientists have found yourself another fun — now they in addition to finding “you know what”, looking for the owner of the flash drive. And for this posted a video from her on Twitter.

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