In the Rostov region, a deserter wounded two policemen with a machine gun and fled, media (photo)

According to information, a policeman, a tall man, dressed in camouflage, arrived in the Rostov region from the territory of Ukraine.

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On Tuesday, December 6, in Russian Novoshakhtinsk, security forces introduced the «Siren» plan through a military officer who, probably ran away with a weapon and already injured a policeman. This is reported by Baza.

Three employees of the PPS combed the area in search of the missing townswoman — 43-year-old Oksana Panchenko. Near a local factory, they saw a man wearing a balaclava, camouflage and carrying a weapon. Upon seeing the workers, the unknown man started shooting.

According to the media, a man in camouflage wounded a 27-year-old police officer. The victim was hospitalized with a pelvic injury using sanaviation.

A 27-year-old Russian police officer was wounded by a deserter with a machine gun [+] Photo: Mash Telegram channel

Mash reported that two police officers were injured at the hands of a deserter, and the attack itself took place in the Staraya Sokolyvka area of ​​the Rostov region.

The attacker himself fled.

NP in Novoshakhtinsk: what is happening in the city now

< p>The police officers have already received an order from the command to wear body armor and arm themselves with automatic weapons. The «Siren» plan has been implemented in the city.

Residents are asked to be careful and not go outside. Kindergartens are closed in the city, the exit from Novoshakhtinsk is also closed. Drivers of cars and trucks are stuck in traffic jams due to blocked roads.

In addition, after the attack by an unknown person on a police officer, the administration of Novoshakhtinsk asked the residents of the city to hide indoors and not to try to detain the suspect themselves.

The shooter. in Novoshakhtinsk: what is known about the suspect

Security forces are looking for an unknown man, 180-190 centimeters tall, dressed in camouflage and armed with a machine gun. According to the police, the shooter may be a deserter.

According to Mash, a man armed with a machine gun fled to the Rostov Region from Ukraine.

Recall that the number of deserters from the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces has increased in the Zaporizhzhia Region. The Russian military is afraid of new artillery strikes from the Armed Forces, so the number of deserters in enemy units is growing in a «geometric progression». They are hiding in basements and abandoned buildings.

Focus also wrote that on July 7, Zaporizhzhia OVA reported that representatives of the FSB had arrived in the occupied territories of the region to investigate the fact of the desertion of 30 Russian soldiers. Panic began among the occupiers after the Ukrainian army attacked military facilities.

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