How to return from Russia to Ukraine without documents: mechanism for deportees

Ukraine has developed a special document that will help citizens return from Russia. Formally, it is designed for those who were deported by the occupation authorities, or left for the Russian Federation themselves from the occupied territories, and then got stuck there without documents. As part of the experiment, Ukraine has already issued one such document for a person forcibly deported to Russia. Radio Donbas. Realiy explains how it works.

We are talking about an identity card for returning to Ukraine.

The document itself is not new. . But previously, it was issued exclusively by diplomatic missions and consular institutions of Ukraine based only on the personal petition of the applicant or the appeal of his legal representatives. However, the consular offices of Ukraine in Russia are not working after the start of the large-scale invasion.

So you can issue a certificate remotely.

Where to apply?

This is currently being handled by the State Migration Service of Ukraine. You can contact the territorial units of the service in any region of the country.

Who can apply?

If an adult in the Russian Federation without documents person, then family members can apply:

  • husband or wife
  • parents
  • adult children
  • brothers and sisters< /li>

If we are talking about a child, the following can apply:

  • parents
  • other legal representatives of the child

If a person has no relatives in Ukraine, or they cannot apply to the migration service unit because they live in the occupied territory, a certificate for the return of the person can be issued upon an official request from the Ministry of Reintegration.

What next?

After submitting an application and information about a person who wants to return to Ukraine, the migration service will check all the information provided in its registers and systems That is, identification will be carried out. And if the information is confirmed, a decision will be made to issue a certificate for returning to Ukraine.

Such a document should be issued to children regardless of whether there is information about them in the relevant registers.

They have 5 days to issue the certificate. And it will be valid for 3 months. The certificate is given to the representative who submitted the documents, or to the Ministry of Reintegration, if they made the corresponding application.

With this certificate, Ukrainians will be able to return to Ukraine through third countries, in particular Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia.

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