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5G 5 the best smartphones of 2019

5g smartphones will go on sale in 2019.
We know this from a series of leaks, hints and confirmations over the past month, as manufacturers ‘ officials admit they are working on building phones with a 5G modem.

The next generation data transfer technology will not only absolutely surpass 4G and 3G in terms of speed, but can also radically change the way the world’s best smartphones are used.

With augmented reality apps that use the camera phone lens for overlaying information on the surrounding world; applications of virtual reality; holographic displays; high performance cloud computing the next generation, 5G will make the smartphones much higher present-day smartphones.

Here, we’ll introduce the five most exciting 5g smartphones we expect in 2019, from major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, and Huawei, who are already engaged in a battle of striking 5g-enabled flagships.

    smartfon samsung galaxy s10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone with 5G technology is mentioned in reports that detail how Qualcomm and a South Korean manufacturer recently announced a strategic agreement that specifically mentions a “transition to 5G.”

Switching to 5G for the S10 will be key for the flagship and will add to the list of features that should be of concern to Apple .

The 5G connection on the S10 will allow users to download and upload data at an incredible speed, as well as open the gateway for AAA games via streaming services like PS Now, as well as streaming high-quality 4K movies.

S10 is scheduled to launch by the opening of Mobile World Congress 2019, which will take place in late February, which will strengthen Samsung’s position in the forefront of 5g smartphones, resulting in many of its rivals will be in the position of catching up.

However, it should be noted that only “Beyond 1” and “Beyond 2” models will have a 5g connection, but not an entry-level “Beyond 0” model .

However, the idea of having a smartphone with 5G support as early as February of next year, if not earlier (see Sony 5g Phone below), is a very tempting proposition.

  • HUAWEI P30
    smartfon HUAWEI P30

Huawei is working on 5g smartphones, ” Walter Gee, President of the West European consumer business group, said in an exclusive interview .

Huawei’s senior Executive confirmed that the 5G will be introduced”if not in the P30 smartphone, then for sure it will be in the Mate series next September.”

As to why there was such uncertainty, Mr. JI said that:

“We have two flagship products. In March we have a series P, and in October we have a series Mate. Thus, everything will depend on how the chipset will develop, because 5G needs a high power platform.”

And that’s an interesting point about 5G technology, which needs a lot of physical space, because antennas need to be bigger, and it needs a lot of power.

Given that battery life is one of the biggest challenges in the smartphone industry, with most flagship phones providing no more than a day of battery life, it’s clear that developers will have to find ways to increase the internal power of their mobile phones, or optimize energy use.

In any case, if these comments from Huawei are confirmed, then either the P30, P30 Pro, or the next Mate device will support 5G.

    smartfon ONEPLUS 7

Oneplus CEO Pete Lau recently confirmed at Mobile World Congress Shanghai that the company is working to release the 5g smartphone to the market next year .

And since OnePlus only launches one major flagship per year, that means the OnePlus 7 will be equipped with 5G technology.

This makes sense as the 5G is perfect for the iconic Chinese manufacturer, with its propensity for crazy speed and performance as well as fast 5G data rates.

Given that OnePlus knows what he’s doing from the point of view of hardware, so that the flagship OnePlus 6 this year to compete with competitors in the test tests, the device with support for 5G in the next year would make it a carefree insta-buy.

OnePlus usually releases its phones in may / July, so the OnePlus 7 will probably be among the second wave of 5G devices, perhaps after Samsung, Sony, and Huawei.

    smartfon SONY XPERIA XZ3

“Innovation in smartphones has always been the core design philosophy of mobile phones Sony Mobile,” said Sony, as she recently spoke about his legacy, the first in the world of smartphone technologies.

These comments came a few days after rival manufacturers OnePlus and Huawei confirmed they were working on 5G phones.

Coincidence? We don’t.

In fact, based on what we already know about Sony’s commitment to 5G , as well as Sony’s track record, it really looks like the new Sony Xperia will be the world’s first 5g smartphone .

Perhaps the first 5G phone will be equipped with a battery that will run for an entire week, and it looks like Sony is going to launch it before the end of February 2019.

  • IPHONE X (2019)
    smartfon IPHONE X 2019

Finally, just this week, a report appeared claiming that Apple is currently negotiating with MediaTek to supply a 5g modem.

Well, given that Apple starts selling its flagships every autumn, most likely, we will see a new phone from Apple with 5G modem only in autumn 2019.

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