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Does Apple need AirPods 2?

A very strange question, at first glance — and whether Apple should release the next generation of wireless headphones AirPods?

In 2016, all the haters laughed at Apple’s wireless headphones. Like nozzles for electric toothbrushes. With each new Apple product the same story — all Android fans are sure that this time, “it” will not fly. And every time a new product does not just fly, but takes off like a rocket.

With airpods headphones, exactly the same story. Since the launch, AirPods have become a real hit. Funny, but I see more and more people wearing them. As with the iPhone and Apple Watch, Apple doesn’t share information about how many AirPods have been sold to date. Technical analyst Neil Kibart estimates the number of pairs sold by Apple AirPods to be “at least 25 million”.

And most likely, this number will exceed 50 million by the end of this year. How do you like them numbers? Let me remind you, 50 million pairs of headphones at a price of $ 160 (minimum price).

With such a high demand, the question arises: does Apple need to update AirPods in the near future?
So Apple is not in a hurry. The release of the second generation was scheduled for the spring of this year, but, according to a reliable source, the beginning of sales is postponed to the autumn of this year. However, all their new products Apple, traditionally, is in the fall, on the eve of the season of gifts.

So, should we wait for the second-generation airpods? Any promise of improvement?

  • Improved bass. This is very important, I will tell you, because recently he faced with wireless headphones with bad bass. Not very nice to play sports in these headphones.
  • Improved coverage. Coverage has always been important, because what can be more sensitive than our ears?
  • Will be available in two colors: white and black.
  • It will be available to activate the “Hey, Siri” using the speakerphone.
  • And there will be some new sensors tracking your health. (Thermometer? Heart rate monitor?) Look.

In any case, you can be sure that the new headphones will be better than the old ones, and will be just as well sold. That’s Apple.

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