Flickr pushed the Golden calf

The trouble came from not waiting — Flickr will delete photos from February 5.

How to remove? If more than 1000 pieces, or pay 50 bucks a year, or keep up to 1000 photos. How do you like this news? What am I supposed to do now? After all, it is unrealistic difficult choice: to leave a photo of the black and white photo redhead kitty or kitties? Feel? Here, you understand me, and these greedy insignificant little people do not understand!

Or tell me another selfie where I am sennenki mi-mi-mishechka, to remove.

And importantly-with what? Why should I delete my favorite photos, acquired by overwork? You think, 11568 photos in the maximum resolution, and what? If I wanted a poster to make that used on the ceiling to hang. Wake up the so on the morning, and before eyes — I! What could be better?

But that’s not all. So you decided to save your photos on your hard drive and what would you think? It’s not that simple.

If you want to do a batch download of all your photos, then you have a penis all over your face. You can only upload 500 photos at a time.

Also, you can download only one album at a time. It’s also a multi-step process: if you decide to upload your photos, you send a ZIP file to your Flickr mailbox, which you then need to download and save.

So what can we do to Flickr user?

Look through each photo one by one and-delete it nafig. Let the years and memories wash away like an inscription on the sand.

And we will wash away this inscription with our tears, which will drip when you delete photos of your favorite cats, because the choice is simple — either you or cats.

I decided for myself — I’m going offline, will the photos print out on paper.

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