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website promotion

Why do you need website promotion?

Strange question? By no means…

We have somehow got used to the fact that to promote the site in the search, you need to contact various professionals who for a lot of money will bring your site in the top 10 Google.

How did this happen?

That’s what everyone does!

I have been watching the situation in the field of Internet sales for a long time and came to some conclusions. You might need this.

Once, to bring your site to the top 10 Google, it was enough to fill the main page with keywords. I did it myself when we were selling construction equipment and tools. Compared to the current situation, there was no competition at all. Sales were conducted over the phone, and the importance of Internet sales was extremely low.

But time passed and the situation changed.

Sales gradually moved to the Internet, and now we have pills and products ordered at home through Internet services.

Somewhere in this time period and there was a market for services to promote sites.

Now ask any novice Internet entrepreneur and he will surely answer you — the business begins with the creation of the site and its promotion in search engines. That’s the secret of success.

But there is one thing..

The market for website promotion services is growing day by day, but the situation has changed unnoticeably. And these changes will soon close the market for website promotion services. Don’t believe? Do you think it’s too wild and ridiculous?

And let’s analyze the situation with search engines and make sure that the generation of novice optimizers will soon be forced to repurpose.

We will not consider Yandex, it’s just a semblance of Google, which is why we look to the source.

If you listen to and read the statements of Google’s top managers, you can easily make sure that Google is created only to meet your information needs. Um … Wikipedia was created for this, too, and now they’re begging for money to support their project. Meanwhile, Google is thriving. At some point, Google reached the level when all the Supervisory and Supervisory authorities forgot about it. See how to mock Zuckerberg with his Facebook, and look for some similar information about Google.

«Who owns the information, he owns the world” (N. Rothschild)

And who has the information at the moment?

Who do we ask all the time?

So let’s leave Google’s altruism alone, and better yet, forget about it as a ridiculous dream.

Google was created for global domination, and it has achieved this goal.

Now he’s gonna clean up the freeloaders. Even 10 years ago, Google realized that contextual advertising is good, but you can earn 10 times more, while reducing the rate of advertising, and thus attract the maximum number of customers. That’s why the merchant Center appeared.

I will remind you the background, and then the modern man lost cause-and-effect relationships.

The owners of Internet resources turned to specialists in the promotion of sites only because it was more profitable in financial terms. For some products, the cost of a click in Google contextual advertising reached $ 10 per click. Given that the conversion is less than 10%, you spent $ 100 on just one sale (at best). I.e. such rates could only draw high margin goods and services.

And if you remember that the promotion of the site cost from $ 200 per month (there were such times), it was natural and the demand for such services.

Everything changed 5 years ago, when Google launched its merchant center, where the price per click fell by more than 10 times.

In fact, Google has become a newspaper ads for its availability to sellers of goods and services.

What is the point of paying for the promotion of your online store, if for 2 cents you show at the top of the search? If you want conversion-reduce the price of your product.

All these Google-changing search algorithms-it’s all the little things. They are needed to filter out content sites, and in order to constantly keep everyone in good shape.

Endless articles about the promotion of the site, endless videos on YouTube about the promotion of the site in Google-it’s garbage and slag. All this can be thrown out on a garbage can and to forget. These experts sell last year’s snow.


If you promote a content resource, you only need to fill it with unique content and you will see how its visibility in the search will grow. Google loves content, and content is the most alive.

If you sell goods, then refer to the original source — to Google. He, for a fraction of a small, will show your products at the top of the search page, and you will be happy.

Are you less skeptical now?))

Take your time! While you are not in a hurry – we earn money!

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