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Best Lenders for FHA Loans in December 2023

Our experts answer readers’ home-buying questions and write unbiased product reviews (here’s how we assess mortgages). In some cases, we receive a commission from our partners; however, our opinions are our own.If you aren’t sure if you can qualify for a mortgage because your credit isn’t great, you might be able to buy a home with an FHA mortgage. These mortgages are backed by the Federal Housing Administration, which enables lenders to offer mortgages to a larger range of borrowers.FHA mortgages are geared toward first-time homebuyers and those with poor credit or lower incomes. They also tend to have better interest rates than conforming loans.But not all FHA lenders are the same, and FHA loan requirements and benefits can vary quite a bit from lender to lender. Below you’ll find the full details on our top picks for the best FHA loan lenders.The best mortgage lenders with FHA loans accept low credit scores and offer additional benefits such as an easy online application, digital closing options, or the ability to apply with non-traditional credit (such as proof of on-time rent or utility payments) if you don’t have a traditional credit score.Offers conforming, jumbo, FHA, VA, or reverse mortgage options5803%Conforming, jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA, reverse, buydown loan, I CAN mortgage,New American Funding is one of our top low credit score mortgage lenders. It’s a strong mortgage lender overall, and its buydown loan and I CAN loan make it easy to customize a mortgage to your specific needs.Offers conforming, jumbo, FHA, USDA, VA, Carrington Flexible Advantage5003%Conforming, FHA, USDA, VA, Carrington Flexible AdvantageCarrington Mortgage Services is our top low credit score mortgage lender, thanks to its low minimum credit score requirements and willingness to work with those who have recent negative events on their credit reports.Zero Down program for FHA borrowers5403%Conforming, jumbo, FHA, USDA, VA, reverse, renovation, manufactured, bridge, energy-efficient, doctor, Complete RateGuild Mortgage is our favorite lender for first-time homebuyers, thanks to its flexible credit requirements and easy online process. It offers a huge range of mortgages, making it a good option for many types of borrowers.Offers affordable mortgage programs, including lender credits up to $7,500 and a 1% down conventional loan.5803%Conforming, jumbo, FHA, VARocket Mortgage, formerly known as Quicken Loans, is a strong lender in general and our “best overall” pick for the best mortgage refinance lenders. It’s a great option if you’re comfortable applying online and have a good credit score.Lets you apply with alternative credit data if you have a low/no credit score5803%Conforming, jumbo, FHA, USDA, VA, reverse, renovation, refinanceFairway Independent Mortgage is one of Personal Finance Insider’s best online mortgage lenders. It’s an overall affordable lender with a variety of mortgage options for borrowers to choose fromFHA loans are very popular, and most lenders offer them. Not all lenders do, though, so you’ll want to find out what types of loans a lender has before you apply. Before a lender can offer FHA loans, they’ll need to get approved through the FHA.There’s no single best FHA lender; it all depends on what you want. Do you prefer to apply online? Maybe you also want to close digitally, or you’re looking for a company with live online chat features so you don’t have to wait on hold over the phone. Then apply for preapproval with your favorites and compare the interest rates and fees between each one.Which bank or lender has the best FHA loan for you depends on your needs. Some banks will approve FHA borrowers with scores as low as 500, while others may offer FHA renovation mortgages in addition to regular FHA loans. Not all FHA programs are the same from lender to lender, so it’s important to research a few different options to find the best one for you.New American Funding*You may be able to get an FHA loan from this lender with a score below 580 with compensating factors.New American Funding is our top pick for FHA borrowers because it accepts borrowers with lower scores and rocky credit histories on its FHA loans. If you don’t have a credit score, you can use non-traditional credit to apply with this lender. You may also still be able to get an FHA loan with New American Funding if you have recent negative credit events (such as a late payment) on your credit report. What to look out for: It’s not available to residents of Hawaii or New York. New American Funding doesn’t let you explore personalized mortgage rates without providing contact information. The lender ranked below average in J.D. Power’s 2023 Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study, which measures customer satisfaction. However, it does have good customer reviews on its Zillow lender profile.Carrington Mortgage ServicesCarrington Mortgage Services is a good FHA lender for borrowers with low credit scores, but you’ll need a large down payment if your score is below 580. It accepts scores as low as 500 on its FHA loans and has flexible requirements for borrowers with “less than perfect” credit. What to look out for: Carrington doesn’t lend in Massachusetts or North Dakota. It also doesn’t show its rates online.Carrington has an NR, or “no rating” from the BBB because the lender is in the process of responding to previously closed complaints. Additionally, in November 2022, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered Carrington to pay $5.25 million in fines for supposedly violating borrowers’ CARES Act rights. The CFPB claims that the lender misled borrowers seeking CARES Act forbearance and denied them key protections provided by the pandemic-era law.Guild MortgageGuild Mortgage is an extremely affordable lender. It allows scores as low as 540 on its FHA loans and accept non-traditional credit from borrowers who don’t have a traditional score. It also offers a hybrid closing option that lets you sign documents ahead of time and keep your closing appointment quick. Your Guild loan officer can help connect you with down payment assistance in your area.What to look out for: Guild doesn’t display any rates online, making it difficult to get an idea of exactly how affordable this lender is. It also ranked below average in J.D. Power’s 2023 satisfaction study.Rocket MortgageRocket Mortgage is a good option if you want a smooth online experience and prioritize customer support. It was ranked as the No. 2 lender for customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s 2023 study. It offers a simple online experience and live online chat with a mortgage professional. But it doesn’t accept non-traditional credit — you must have a traditional credit score of at least 580 to qualifyWhat to look out for: Rocket doesn’t have any in-person branches.Fairway Independent Mortgage CorporationFairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is a good option for borrowers looking to purchase a fixer-upper or those who prefer a remote closing experience. Fairway offers a few different FHA loan options, including limited or standard 203(k) rehabilitation mortgages, which can be used to finance renovation or repair costs into your mortgage. It was also the N0. 1 lender in J.D. Power’s latest origination satisfaction study.What to look out for: Fairway doesn’t show sample rates online.The best FHA lender for you will depend on your needs and your financial situation.If you don’t have a credit score, you’ll want to work with a lender that will let you apply using non-traditional credit, such as rent payment history. Guild Mortgage, for example, offers this ability.If you have a low credit score, you’ll need to find a lender that will work with you. The Federal Housing Administration will back loans with scores as low as 500, but not all lenders will work with borrowers who have a score this low.Whatever lenders you’re considering, be sure to get preapproval from at least two or three different companies so you can compare rates and ensure you’re getting a good deal.Our experts have provided advice about how to know whether you should get an FHA loan or another type of mortgage.Here’s what they had to say. (Some text may be lightly edited for clarity.)What factors should someone take into consideration when choosing a mortgage lender?Anthony Park, author:”The canned answer is to just go with the lowest rate. However, you also want to take into account who’s going to serve your loan best. Are repayments going to be easy for you? Who is most likely to be able to help you if you need to take out a HELOC or refinance later, versus somebody who’s more of a one-off type?”They may have the lowest rates to get you involved, but they might have very, very little hand holding after the fact. I wouldn’t recommend paying an exorbitant amount more for potential services in the future, but just don’t always necessarily go with the rock-bottom lowest rate. There’s sometimes a cost with that.”Molly Grace, Personal Finance Insider:”Remember that you’re not just choosing a mortgage lender — you’re also building a homebuying team. To snag the home you want in this competitive market, you need a lender that can move quickly and has good communication with you and your real estate agent.When I was looking for a house, I was able to text my loan officer (whom my real estate agent recommended) and get quick replies when I had questions or needed an updated preapproval letter for an offer. As you compare lenders, pay attention to how responsive they are, and ask your agent if they have any experience with the lenders you’re considering.”How can someone decide between a conventional mortgage vs. a government-backed mortgage, like an FHA loan?Molly Grace, Personal Finance Insider”An FHA mortgage is a really helpful option for borrowers with low scores or kind of rocky credit histories. But if you have great credit, you may get a better rate and pay less for mortgage insurance on a conventional mortgage. VA mortgages are really great deals. If you qualify for one, you should definitely go for it. You get zero down with no mortgage insurance — plus some of the best rates available.”Julie Aragon, Aragon Lending Team:”The most common government loan that’s widely available to almost everyone is the FHA loan. There’s a couple of reasons why somebody would go with FHA instead of conventional one. Their credit is a little on the crummy side, let’s say below 700. You can get conventional with down to a 620 score, but the mortgage insurance gets really expensive. FHA doesn’t discriminate — no matter how perfect or crappy your credit is, the mortgage insurance is the same.”How can someone know whether they’re financially ready to buy a home?Lauryn Williams, CFP:”You should have funds left over after everything is said and done as it pertains to purchasing the home. So if you don’t have an emergency fund plus a down payment, you’re probably not ready to purchase a home. Another thing I think about is credit card debt. While you can be approved for a mortgage with credit card debt and student loans and very little cash on hand, you put yourself in a very risky situation.”Molly Grace, Personal Finance Insider”You have to be ready to dedicate a chunk of your budget to homeownership — and I don’t mean your mortgage payment. When you own your house, there’s always something that needs taking care of, especially in the first year. We got to our new house on moving day to find that the A/C was out. We paid $700 to have it fixed.”Methodology: How We Chose the Best FHA LendersTo choose the top FHA loan lenders, we looked at three main factors: